All things Elections

It’s that time of year again when we dust off the voting booths and ballot boxes and start preparing for the Bucks Students’ Union annual elections. There are so many different leadership positions up for grabs, giving you so many opportunities to get involved and make a real change - but with so much on offer it can be a bit confusing to remember your Sabbatical Officers from your Student Trustees. Luckily, we're on hand to give you all the insight you need into the #BSUElections and remind you why it’s so important to have your say.

What are the elections for?

These elections decide the Union’s three Sabbatical Officers for the next academic year. The Sabbatical Officers are full-time members of Union staff who lead the direction of the Union and help deliver the high-quality student experience we are so passionate about. These three roles offer the opportunity to direct the work of the Students’ Union meaning you can implement changes you want to see.

Up for election is the President, the principal officer of the Union and responsible for setting the political direction of the Union and communication with all stakeholders. The Vice President Education and Welfare (VPEW) is responsible for improving and enhancing the educational experience and welfare of all students at Bucks. Finally, the Vice President Student Involvement (VPSI) is responsible for improving the non-academic experience of all students at Bucks, whether that be through sports teams, societies, volunteering or the many others opportunities on offer.

Additionally, there are many part-time student leadership roles on offer for you to fulfil alongside your studies. These include the Student Trustee elections, a unique opportunity to be part of the team driving the strategic direction of the Union as part of the Trustee Board. The Executive Officer elections, who represent students who have unique experiences alongside being a student including International, BAME, Mature, LGBTQ+ and more. The NUS Delegate elections, with the opportunity to represent Bucks Students’ Union at the annual National Union of Students Conference.

Finally, we have Student Rep and Sports and Societies Committee elections. Student reps act as the voice for their class or group and help us understand the student experience, including any changes or good practice. Sports and Societies Committees lead their club or society and include roles such as Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Why are the elections important?

These elections decide who will be the leaders of the your Students' Union for the next academic year, so it’s incredibly important to have your say and vote for who you want to lead on your priorities and activity for the next academic year. During the elections, each candidate will produce a written manifesto that will outline what they would aim to achieve if elected into their chosen position.

Now you get to play judge. Which candidate best represents you and your interests? Who do you think can bring about the most effective change at Bucks? This is your opportunity to decide who those people should be, use your vote so we can act on behalf of students.

If you don’t vote you are missing out on making sure your voice is heard, which may impact the overall result of the election. As a group, Bucks students are the largest influencing force for affecting change within the Students’ Union and University. By voting, you can say that the changes being put in place are due to the contributions of your ideas and voice.


Why should I nominate myself?

Do you think you can help make student life at Bucks better? Can you campaign on students’ behalf to make sure their voice is heard? Can you lead your Students' Union? If the answer is yes, then you should nominate yourself.

To nominate yourself, head to our elections hub and select your chosen role from the menu on the left. From there, log in with your Blackboard details and click ‘Stand in Election’. Follow the steps, add a photo and your manifesto – and you’re ready to go.

Nominations open on Monday 21 February and are open for a few week but make sure to nominate yourself before noon on Thursday 24 March. 


So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re intrigued about being an NUS Delegate, excited about the potential of being an Executive Officer, or swayed by a Sabbatical Officer position, it’s time to put yourself forward to lead your Students’ Union and start writing that manifesto.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the roles on offer contact