Athletic Union Dinner 2015 shortlist

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The following people have been shortlisted for this year’s annual Athletic Union Dinner. Congratulations to everyone.


Coach of the Year

Paul Westhead – Volleyball

Rochelle Clark – Rugby

Shay Fenlon – Football

Tom Rendall – Rowing


Fresher of the Year

Alixandra Todd – Women’s Football

Ryan Debattista – Men’s Football

Rohel Banez – Taekwondo

Ralph Pemberton – Men’s Basketball


Captain of the Year

Gabriel Emery – Men’s Hockey

Grace Shiels – Women’s Football

Emma Kendall – Women’s Hockey

Johnny Tanton – Football 4’s


Team of the Year

Men’s Basketball

Women’s Football

Golf 2’s



Committee Member of the Year

Ashley Phillips – American Football

Jake Smart – Football

Sam Connolly – Swimming

Max Le Count Ward – Rugby


Club of the Year

American Football





Sportsman of the Year

Rohel Banez – Taekwondo

Ross Petts – Football

Elvisi Dushu – Basketball

Calvin Sherwood – Golf


Sportswoman of the Year

Alixandra Todd – Women’s Football

Sophie Onslow - Dance

Danni Maidment – Women’s Football

Alice Walker – Rowing


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