An update from your BAME Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Georgia Frame and incase you didn't know I'm your BAME Officer for 2021-22. As your newly elected BAME Officer for Bucks, I want to do my best to engage with you all about issues or topics that you would like to discuss. I would love to hear from you all this term about any campaigns that you would like me to run ot that you'd like to see being run by te Students' Union and how we can work together on them. Running a campaign is a great way for you to get involved with what goes on at the uni.

My first campaign I'm plannin on running is called "Don’t touch my hair". This is about the way in which it is appropriate to touch the hair of women from ethnic minorities, and in particular women from the black community. This is also a chance to embrace differences in culture and also know how to respond to these stigmas that black girls face daily.

I'm not only here to run campaigns and talk about what changes you would like to be made within the uni – socially and academically. If you just want to chat then I'm here for that too! I would love to hear from you guys this term, let me know how has settling in to uni been for you?

If you have any questions or would like to contact me about anything , you can drop me an email at or you can also contact me on the Bucks BAME Facebook group.