Become a Student Ambassador

Have you ever thought about being a student ambassador? From Sport for Fun, Green, RAG, Food Sustainability, and a brand-new role of volunteer Ambassador, there is a role for you!


Do you want to bring positivity within the university? Have you ever thought about being a student ambassador? From Sport for Fun, Green, RAG, Food Sustainability, and a brand-new role of volunteer Ambassador, there is a role for you!

Sport for Fun Ambassador
This role will give you the responsibility for supporting and developing the recreational side of sport, by getting students involved and enriching the lives of students who feel competitive sport is not for them.

RAG (Raise & Give)
RAG Ambassadors lead fundraising campaigns that are aimed at supporting diverse campus initiatives. By tapping into their networks and leveraging their persuasive skills, RAG Ambassadors not only secure financial resources but also cultivate a culture of philanthropy among their peers. Through these endeavours, RAG Ambassadors learn valuable skills in resource management, teamwork, and the impact of collective action.

Green Amabassador
Green Ambassadors lead sustainability initiatives on campus, advocating for eco-friendly practices, promoting recycling programs, and organizing awareness campaigns on climate change mitigation. They not only contribute to a more environmentally friendly campus, but also inspire their peers to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours. 

Food Sustainability Ambassador
The Food Sustainability Ambassador is a new role within the team. Introduced in 2023/24, the Food Sustainability Ambassador will support One Can Trust, in building relationships with local food banks and setting up volunteering events to support the food banks in the area and signposting students as needed.

Volunteer Ambassador
Volunteering lies at the heart of the Student Ambassador experience. Our Volunteer Ambassadors are dedicated individuals devote countless hours to community service projects, ranging from local outreach programs to global humanitarian efforts. By volunteering their time and talents, Student Ambassadors foster meaningful connections with their communities while addressing pressing social needs.

What will you get out of being one of our ambassadors?

Our ambassador roles foster personal growth by providing opportunities for self-discovery, leadership development, and the cultivation of essential soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and time management. Moreover, becoming a student ambassadora can help you build strong networks, create connections with faculty, administrators, alumni, and fellow students, which can prove invaluable in their academic and professional pursuits. Additionally, these roles enhance employability by showcasing qualities such as initiative, adaptability, and a commitment to social responsibility, qualities highly sought after by employers in today's competitive job market.

Student Ambassadors take part in of fundraising, volunteering, and sustainability efforts, all of which contribute to the holistic development for students and the improvement of society. Through your dedication and passion for positive change, Student Ambassadors show the transformative power of student leadership, leaving a positive mark on their campuses and communities alike.

Are you ready to take on a role that will benefit both you and others? Visit our employability page.