Brothers on and off the court

A basketball player standing court-side tenses his arms as he cheers for his team

This past year has been by far my best year at university, especially since joining the basketball team. It was great to meet guys that shared the same passion as me about the game, and we’re ready to play as brothers on the court. Even outside the squad, the great times we had with the amazing Students' Union staff. They all contributed and helped us be the best players and students we could be. 

Basketball has always been a part of my life, and to have a team at the university was an incredible experience for me. I met a great coach, who was as involved with all his players off the court, as he was on the court. It was like we built a brotherhood and you could tell that every time we stepped on the court together, every one of us was ready to play with everything we had to ensure a win, and we were there for each other off the court too. 

The varsity experience was spectacular. Coming off a great season and coming second in the league, we were all determined to get a win in varsity. Sessions leading up to varsity were fun, with all the hype and all the tension building up, we knew it was important to get a win but also to have fun together as it would be our last game of the season.

The annual sports awards night, AU dinner, was also my birthday and I got to be around all my friends and my teammates. We were up for awards that evening, both individually and as a group. It was great to see some of our hard work during the season, with volunteering and off-court activity, pay off at the end of the academic year. 

Overall, it was the best possible year I could’ve had. I met a lot of people during the year who have become great friends and now I just look forward to next year which I know I’ll be much better. 

- Leo Juster