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Head over to our What's On page and join us on a virtual tour of the Rijksmuseum.

Rusty's Radio are doing their best to keep music coming to you guys and they have created a playlist that will be updated every Monday with your requests. So make sure you send in your requests to @rustysradio and tell them what songs are helping you get through the week!


Join us on social media for our weekly Rusty Reads book club for all the best books going around Bucks. If you have a book you’ve been loving, let us know and we can share it with others!

Edinburgh Zoo are live streaming several of their animal attractions and this Wild Wednesday we are loving watching the koalas!

Bucks Alumni Rhona Noel is bringing you a £2.50 student deal for virtual classes along with virtual live sessions weekly!

Sunday is quiz day? Not this week! This week we're bringing things closer to home with a Wednesday quiz night just for Bucks Sports teams! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook to find out how to join and see what the prizes are.


Take a tour of some of the best football stadiums from around the world! Today, we'll be going to Barcelona to check out Camp Nou.

We're bringing you a weekly Netflix Party where you can join screens and conversations with whoever you want! - We'll be streaming a film or series chosen by YOU and your friends or family can join in for FREE! Keep an eye on socials for the link to join in and see what movie we have on this week. 

Jack Mack is back ... virtually! Tune in to check out this specially made playlist keeping you up to date with some House favourites!


Join us on our What's On page for a virtual tour of the National Museum of the United States Air Force!

Grab a pen and paper and gather your pals virtually for a Bingo Lingo Pub Quiz - every Friday at 7PM 

Face Down are hosting live, straight to you home! With our resdient DJ Tasmin Taylor guesting and providing you with some isolation bangers! 


Sunday is quiz day! This week is a classic. It's time to put your Friends knowledge to the test. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook to find out how to join and see what the prizes are.


Don't forget you can find the links to any of these events over on our What's On page to relive them over and over again.