October's winners


Every month the Student Activities team, Representation team, and the Vice President Achievement and Belonging come together to choose the winner of the celebration station; Volunteer, Society, Club, Rep, and Staff Member of the Month! Here are October's winners:

Student Rep of the month: Marissa Leyden

Marissa has made a fantastic start to the Student Rep role this year! She has been working very hard and is really supporting the students in her cohort this year. She has spent a lot of time already working through the Rep Recognition Accreditation scheme to already achieve Silver Accreditation this early on in the academic year and is always welcoming. She has made some fantastic work and it has been great to see her working with the students and ensuring that they get the best experience possible. Marissa has been recognised by her fellow Student Leaders within the Human and Social Sciences school as lovely to work with whilst navigating new leadership positions.

Volunteer of the month: Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace has been volunteering in the with St. Johns Ambulance, attending events and making sure the public stay safe and well. Daniel is an active committee member for the Aviation Society, organising events and sessions. He has logged over 164 hours since the summer. 

Society of the month: Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre are the deserved winner of Octobers Society of the Month Award. All their sessions have been organised well in advance with the committee working together well. They have engaged in wider parts of the Students’ Union, volunteering in different things whilst also hosting their RAG fundraiser engaging members and the wider student body. With over 20 new members joining that has been growing every session resulting in performances already this year at Freshers Fair but also Management Fest. It has been a fantastic start to this academic year for MT.

Club of the month: Women's Netball

October’s club of the month goes to Women’s Netball. This month they have been heavily involved in the wider students’ union. Volunteering at one can trust, participating in 3 teams during Netball 4 RAG and having the highest attendance at Drag 4 RAG. Their committee has ensured to stay connected with their communication to members and union staff. In-particular their captains ensuring all teams fulfil their fixtures and notify of any changes right away. Well done Women’s Netball. Keep up the wonderful work!

Staff member of the month: Sena Agbo-Quaye

Sena has been fantastic in getting students involved with representation and supporting students. Sena has asked for ways for students to be involved in representation and has encouraged the L4 and L5s to step up and be involved too.  Sena makes every session engaging and fun! I always leave a lecture or seminar having enjoyed it and ready for the next session. She always asked priming questions that really make you think and in the moment of panic, you go away thinking it was a brilliant question and thank her for the experience!  She always puts the students first and will always support them as best as she can. She checks in with students as well and just makes sure that they are understanding and achieving the best they can.

- Your Full-time Elected Officers: Brandon, Jess, Sruthi and Amy.