Don't change our student loan repayments


The government has announced that students could be made to pay back their student loans earlier. This move will have a significantly detrimental effect on our members, regardless of if you're a BNU Alumni or a current student. This is why we are supporting the NUS campaign to stop the government from pursuing the changes to the student loans repayment that will affect every student who graduted after 2012.

Rishi Sunak announced that the government could change the way you pay back student loans. He wants students like yourself to start paying back their loan earlier, before you can afford to. Couples with National Insurance hikes students and recent graduates on an average salary will be made to pay back £800 more a year. That’s nearly an extra £66 out of your wages a month – or possibly more.

Your Vice President Education and Welfare, Tash said "I am outraged to see the changes that Rishi Sunak is proposing regarding the repayment of tuition fees which will have a significantly detrimental effect to so many new Graduates as well as those dating back to 2012. The main people who will be effected by this are those who are earning an average salary where the extra £800 taken away from them per year will have a massive impact on peoples ability to pay bills and live without fear of financial repercussions. It is appalling that this is the proposal in place, whilst so many individuals are earning a much higher income and could make the benefited change to tax that is required rather than relying on graduates with low level income.’’

The NUS have created a petition for you to sign and need to reach 30,000 signatures. We've signed the petition, now it's your turn. Once you've signed don't forget to share it with your family and friends and right across your social media.