Elections are fast approaching

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As the 2015 Calendars are recycled and the 2016 calendars are put in pride of place, most people look to the future and at Bucks we are no different. On 11 Jan the nominations for Sabbatical Officer, Student Trustee, NUS Delegate, Society Committee and Sports Committee positions opened and we are here to help you understand what you could do in these roles and what each of these great opportunities could do for you.

All the positions except for the sabbatical officer roles are part time and must be done alongside your studies, these voluntary roles will all look great on your CV and give you some amazing skills to help you in later life.

We have four Student Trustee positions available this year starting summer 2016 unfortunately these roles are not available for final year students. The Student Trustees sit on the Students’ Union Trustee Board that meets four times a year and also sit on at least one subcommittee which meet at varying intervals throughout the year. Working alongside the three Sabbatical Officers and four External Trustees you get the chance to be involved at the highest level within the Students’ Union whilst still studying. You will be given training and be invited to all of the Unions major events, ever wondered who gets to sit at the front tables at Union awards? Wonder no more.

For more information please visit bucksstudentsunion.org/elections

In April the National Union of Students (NUS) hold their national conference and as members of NUS we get to send three delegates along to represent Bucks in how the NUS are run. The current President is the delegation leader but the other two delegate positions are elected at this time. If you would like attend National Conference and help to set policy for the year ahead and elect the President, Vice Presidents and Block of 15 representatives on the National Executive Council then this is the role for you.

NUS Delegates will need to be available to attend National Conference in Brighton 19-21 April. We provide transport from High Wycombe to Brighton on Monday 18 April, hotel accommodation for three nights and transport back from Brighton to High Wycombe after conference on Thursday 21 April as well as a stipend for your meals during that time.

For more information please visit bucksstudentsunion.org/elections

The final positions are the Society and Sports Committee roles. Everything from Airsoft and Athletics to Volleyball and Yoga they all need a committee of current students in order to run. Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are the positions that each society and sports team need but some have other roles including Social Secretary and Captain as well.

In order to run and/or vote in the Sport committee elections you must have an online membership and have attended at least 10 sessions (including training and matches).

In order to run and/or vote in the Society committee elections you must have an online membership and have attended at least 10 of the sessions. [I need to check the exact amount we specified]

For more information please visit bucksstudentsunion.org/elections

Nominations for student rep 2016-17 are also open and for the Uxbridge February cohort 2015-16 reps as well. So if you want to be the voice of your course, help make your course the best it can be, be one of over 200 student reps and earn a reward of up to £100 then being a student rep is for you.

Thanks for reading have a good 2016


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