Energy bill support

With the increase in energy costs this winter, you may struggle to keep up with the costs. You may be able to take some actions to reduce the costs. 

In 2022 the government announced a £400 energy rebate. If you are living in a property where the energy bills are a part of the rent that you pay, you may want to check that you have received the discount that the landlord would have received. Landlords will be legally required to pass the rebate onto tenants who pay their energy bills as part of their rent. If your landlord has decided to charge extra on the rent that you pay, then you should be due to receive the energy grant. If you need it, then do use this template letter to send to your landlord. 

If your landlord has not charged extra due to the energy costs, then the energy grant can be kept by the landlord as they have protected you from the price increase. However the landlord can only keep the amount of the grant that covers the additional cost, so if the landlord claims £350 then you will be owed the remaining £50 from the grant. 

The energy grant does not apply to students living in halls.

You can read more about the grant and what it means to students at