Exam top tips


The exam season is fast approaching and as well as making sure you’re studying and preparing for your assessments, it’s also important to look after yourself. A little bit of extra pressure can sometimes give us the kick we need to stop procrastinating, but’s important that the stress you’re feeling doesn’t get to a point where you become overwhelmed.

Check out some of our top tips to help keep your stress under control.


Balance is key

It’s important to maintain your usual sleep pattern, exercise routine, and eating plan. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with studying and work – give your brain a breather and take some time to look after you, see friends, or even take a day off. You’ll feel refreshers and refocused when you come back to work.


Make it about you

Just because your housemate is studying 6 hours a day in the silence of the library doesn’t mean you need to, nor should you let that make you feel like you’re falling behind. Find a revision style, and environment, that works for you and make a plan that you can realistically stick to. It could be mind maps, flash cards, rock music, or even group studying.


The early bird, gets it

There’s no such thing as too early. This goes for starting your revision and showing up on the day. The more prepared you are, the less stressed you’re going to feel as you’ve used your time wisely. Arriving to your exam about 15 minutes ahead of the start time is a good idea to avoid feeling rushed.


Get the facts

Find out well in advance where your exam is, what time it is, and what to bring with you. Knowing ahead of time will help avoid any last minute panics on the day. Make sure you also take note of who to contact in case of an emergency or if you fall ill or need to isolate on your exam date.


If in doubt, ask

If you’re unsure or finding it too stressful, speak to someone. Your personal tutor is there to help support you through your exams and assessments - It’s best to let someone know how you’re feeling so you can always pop into our Advice Centre for a confidential chat with our friendly advisors are here for you to help take that extra weight off your shoulders.


At the end of the day, just remember that exams aren’t everything. You can still be successful in life afterwards – employers are interested in your attitude, skills, and experiences. Once you’ve sat your exam, try not to think about it afterwards. If for any reason you feel like you might need to submit an application for any of the exceptional circumstances, you’ll need to reach out to your personal tutor first and then get in touch with Academic Registry.

You can find Academic Registry in E2.08 on the High Wycombe Campus or Second Floor Reception on the Uxbridge Campus.

Don't forget you can find us outside your exams with free doughnuts and hot drinks to talk thorugh any of your pre or post exam jitters and once exam week is over, we'll be hosting a pizza party to say farewell to the exam period and kick back in style. Above all, stay positive and good luck!