FIFA World Cup statement


We know that many of you want to support your country in the upcoming World Cup taking place in Qatar and have been looking forward to the much anticipated sporting spectacle.

However, this event is not without controversy and we wanted to reassure you that we are as outraged by the Qatar government’s treatment and views with regards to the LGBTQ+ community and migrant workers as many of our members are. 

We want to ensure that all of our student communities feel safe and welcomed. The FIFA World Cup will be available to watch in our Venue and The Lounge, which will be screened alongside fundraising for LGBTQ+ charities and Amnesty International and alongside ongoing efforts to raise awareness and support for marginalised communities.

We firmly believe that sport is a fantastic way to bring communities together and celebrate equality and further believe in creating opportunities for all our members to enjoy themselves in shared experiences.

Over the next few weeks we invite everyone, no matter who you support, to come and celebrate a fantastic 90 minutes of sport in our proudly inclusive, safe spaces.