Fairtrade, not just food

When we hear the term Fairtrade, our minds always run to chocolates, coffee, and bananas but did you know Fairtrade goes much further than most of us think.

So, we're brining your our Fairtrade day to let you know all about the the Fairtrade textile industry, and how Fairtrade supports human rights.

Fairtrade’s Textile Standards are the first standard to require living wages to be paid to garment workers within a set time period, six years, and brand owners will also be contractually responsible for fair and long-term purchasing practices – essential for implementing wage increases.

Fairtrade Cotton farmers received over €823.5k of Fairtrade Premium in 2016. The Fairtrade Premium is what sets Fairtrade apart from other certification schemes. On top of the price farmers and workers receive for their produce or labour, they receive an extra sum of money to invest in improving the quality of their lives. In 2016, Fairtrade cotton farmers invested 35% of their Premium in supporting education in their communities.

So, to show the breadth of possibility when it comes to Fairtrade items that aren't food, we're hosting a Fairtrade day on Tuesday 28 March and are excited to be hosting Ruby Moon, a local shop which sells Fairtrade clothing and gifts. They'll be joining us outside The Lounge from 11am until 2pm to show the products and give you the lowdown on Fairtrade products and the difference in buying from Fairtrade providers instead of fast fashion outlets.