Fixture Frenzy


This week we had 14 fixtures scheduled to knuckle down and play against  with 10 of them being at home.

Men’s badminton kicked off the day travelling to Anglian Ruskin, Harry Crowson brought back one point for the team resulting in a 7-1 loss.

Our men's football 1st team travelled to King’s College yesterday but couldn’t hold down the win as they let in a last-second goal from King's College leaving them with a 3-3 draw. The Bucks FC 2nd team had their first away game of the season where they travelled to play againt the Middlesex 2nd team. Captain, Yasin Ehansy, was able to maintain his unbeaten team record for the sixth week in a row, winning 2-0 over Middlesex. The Bucks FC 3rd team had a slow start this week. With them being unable to field a team, they had to call upon Captain Ismail Hamid’s Bucks FC 4th team to play for them meaning that the Bucks FC 4th team couldn't play their opponents, and gave opposition Kingston a walkover. However, even the joint effort of both teams was no enough for the game against UCFB Wembley and the boys went home with a 0-11 loss.

Men’s hockey was unfortunately rearranged last minute and their game was moved to January, giving them a free week. Our women’s hockey team however played at home to King’s College but with a less than desirable outcome, losing 16-0.

Netball 1st team were at home to the Essex 2nd team, and after losing 42-43 away in the first game they were determined to bring back a win on home soil. Unfotunately they just missed the mark this time around, losing 42-45. Netball 2nd team played their rescheduled Cup fixture on Tuesday night against Kingston, and they absolutely smashed it out of the park winning 20-16 and are now through to the next round of the Cup.

Both volleyball teams played this week, our men’s team were excited to play on the back of their first win last week but Kingston however were too much for our boys and we lost 3-0. The women’s team travelled to Sussex and with a few injuries within the team, they also couldn’t bring home a win losing 3-0.

Our futsal team are playing on Sunday 21 November in the Events Hall on the High Wycombe Campus for the first round of their cup tournament games with a 4:00pm kick off, best of luck to the team.

As always, we like to shout out those players who were selected either by their captains or oppositions for their performance. So a massive well done to; Chris Ntoni and Jack Taylor, Emily McIntosh, Sophie Sobo, Harry Crowson, Yasmin Mather, Karla Lozada.