Fun Fun Fundraising

Each year we run a variety of events and fundraisers for a variety of charities, particularly our two chosen RAG charities. At the end of the year, the final RAG total will incorporate all money raised by students and staff for all charities. 

Last year we raised an incredible £18,600 through a variety of activities such as pumpkin carving, lockdown quizzes and th BucksCup. The Big Sleepout was a particularly successful event thanks to the RAG society raising a massive £830. 

Our RAG target this year is £12,000 and we'll be fundraising for our two RAG charities, as voted by you, DrugFam and Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. A variety of events will be put on throughout the year to help us reach our target including some of the popular and successful events of last year such as pumpkin carving and the Big Sleepout. Other annual activities such as Volley4RAG and raffles will also be held throughout the academic year but why not step up and host your very own fundraiser? There are so many creative ways to raise money that you can lead on throughout the year so we've popped a few examples down below.

Keep it traditional

Ever heard the old saying that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Charity buckets or auctions of objects or services. Maybe there’s local businesses that would like to donate something for you to run a raffle. It's always worth a try! Don't forget to ask your mates if they have any items they don't need anymore as jumble sales are always a great method to raise some money (and find a few second-hand treasures).

Make it to centre stage

Putting on a show might be right up your street and it’s with the support from our events team you could host your own karaoke night. Grab some good tunes and even better pals and take to the stage all in the name of charity. If you’re a little out of tune but still fancy your time in the limelight, you could host a quiz, run a face painting stall, or maybe even put on a music performance with some other talented friends.

Let's get physcial

We’ve all got a little competitive edge to us and sport is also a great way to engage in fundraisers. Get people into teams and try obstacle courses. Record times and award winners with bragging points or small prizes (you can ask a business to donate). If you always wanted to try a new sport or get your friends involved in something they don't normally do, try intramural sports. If you prefer more individual challenges set a distance you would like to run or walk and remember to ask for sponsorship.

Go big or go home

If you’re chasing your next adrenaline rush then why not try a sponsored head shave or bungee jump.  You could go big with a 24 hour event like a dance-a-thon or 24 hour radio broadcast. You could also go home and get all your friends together for a night in on the sofa and the money you would have spent on a night out is donated.

All fundraising activities and events are displayed on our What's On page so make sure you ckeck in regularly to keep updated. If you are interested in getting involved with anything or holding your own events to raise money for charity, please email with any project or fundraiser ideas.