Getting involved


It has been such a hectic but amazing second semester. With the #BSUElections, Varsity, awards preperations, and students takeovers - it’s all been happening.

Let’s start with Wednesday 29 March… Varsity. This year we had all the High Wycombe Sabbatical Officers taking part, Charlotte played for the Netball 2nd team, Brandon ended off the night with the Rugby team, and I gave it my all with BNU Dance. Even Emily didn’t get left out of the day as she took on staff duties and cheered us all on for our games. Helping with the planning of Varsity was an experience but a huge thank you to Catherine Lymer for, yet again, creating a fantastic day for all our sporting students.

Whilst we may not have won Varsity, or retained the RoeBuck trophy this year, I am so unbelievably proud of everyone who played with their teams. I know next year will be a spectacular performance as we battle it out on the field to claim back our winning title and prestigious trophy. Until then, we'll keep training, competing, and of course celebrating the wins.

We've hosted some brilliant takeovers this year and they're a fantastic opportunity for our clubs and societies to fundraise for themselves and your two chosen Raise and Give (RAG) charities. This year we saw everything from dance performances and bushtucker trials, to karaoke and a 24 hour game-a-thon, We've event had a tribute to Magic Mike and this weekend, we'll be seeing some charity boxing. I have loved working with all of our clubs and societies to bring their ideas to life. Everyone that attended a takeover this year, I’m sure can agree, that they've been spectacular. We only have one takeover left this year and it'll be Drag For RAG on Wednesday 3 May, where we will see Big Bertha return to The Venue – this is not one to miss, doors open at 7:30pm and all money raised that night will go to our RAG Charities.

Speaking of fundraising for RAG, we also hosted RAG Week 2.0 and it was a great week with a Six Nations Sweepstake and a pies and pints fundraiser for the first day of the rugby games. The Musical Theatre's Busking for RAG fundraiser made a huge return as they took to the concourse and Beats cafe to show off their talents. After the huge success of our handcuff challenge in the first semester, we decidedto bring it back and get our handcuffed pairs to complete challenges, and do their best to raise some money out in the local town.

The Athletic Union Dinner is coming up and it's a chance for everybody to celebrate the years’ sporting achievements and acknowledge those whose performances have truly stood out amongst the crowd. It's a really special night where all of our athletes get to come together and reflect on the year they have just had and I have loved working with the activities team to plan this event. I was involved with the shortlisting for the awards and it was not an easy task to narrow down the nominations, but it was really fantastic to read all the wonderful things you had to say. I’m really looking forward to this years awards night as we have some really deserving winners.

Finally, the #BSUElections, what a week. I want to take a moment to thank each and every person that cast their vote during elections week in any of our elections. Even if you only voted for a committee member, you have made a difference in creating a Union that represents all of our students. I'd also like to say congratulations to all the winners this year.

I decided back in November that I wanted to re-run as I knew one year wasn’t enough for me to really get my teeth sunk into all things Bucks Students’ Union. I am extremely grateful to have been re-elected into the role of Vice President Achievement and Belonging and I have really big ideas and plans and will hopefully do all of you proud.

Well, that’s it for me, the second semester has flown by and it already feels like the upcoming one needs a speeding ticket. Just remember everything you have done so far has been amazing and you are an incredibly smart human being. The final semester is hard, but it's the last slog before the finish line, whether that’s moving into the next year, graduating, or moving somewhere new - you should be so proud of how far you have come and everything you have achieved, big or small.

- Jess Bradbury, Vice President Student Involvement.