Give It a Go 2.0!

The Student Activities team have run another successful ‘Give It a Go’ week this February, with students engaging in volunteering, fundraising, sport and societies.

Volunteers started off the week with a 7am start for the Fairtrade Smile Campaign, an annual volunteering event which aims to spread the Fairtrade message, along with smiles around High Wycombe town centre. Over 500 smiles were counted and 400 Fairtrade bananas and flapjacks were given out to commuters!

“The Smile Campaign this year was more focused on Fairtrade products and why we should buy them. It was great to see many volunteers show up early on Monday morning which shows how committed our students are!”

(Emily Dixie, Fairtrade Ambassador & Campaign organiser)

The week continued with 4 extremely talented students selling custom made Valentine’s Day cards around campus. These went down really well, with all £50 of the proceeds going to our RAG charities (Wycombe Homeless Connection and Hillingdon Samaritans). The artists enjoyed this so much that they would like to make more cards to fundraise for RAG throughout the year, so look out for them in Beats and at our SU front desk.