International Asexuality Day

International Asexuality Day (April 6th) celebrates all identities under the asexual umbrella. This is the second year this day has existed and shows the need to improve education on asexual identities. The four themes of IAD are: advocacy; celebration; education; and solidarity.

Asexuality is often defined as a person who experiences little or no sexual attraction, however, there are many sub-categories and asexuality can mean a different thing to different people. As the term can be so used so broadly, it is useful to understand the sexual orientations that fall under the asexual umbrella.

Demisexual – sexual attraction only after the bond has been formed.

Fraysexual – sexual attraction fades after initially meeting someone.

Cupiosexual – wanting a Sexual relationship without experiencing sexual attraction.

Graysexual – very rarely having sexual attraction and/or specific circumstances.

Lithosexual – experiencing sexual attraction but not wanting it reciprocated.

Aegosexual – disconnect between the person and sexual target of arousal.

Abrosexual – fluctuation between sexual orientations.

Apothisexual – someone who identifies as asexual and is repulsed by sex. 

Although people who identify with asexuality are suggested to have no sexual attraction, they hold other forms of attraction, including:

Romantic attention – a romantic relationship with a person.

Aesthetic attraction – attracted to how a person looks.

Sensual / physical attraction – wanting to touch, hold or cuddle a person.

Platonic attraction – wanting to be friends with someone.

Emotional attraction – Emotional bond with a person.

At BNU, we aim to make everyone feel as included as possible and encourage you to reach out if you have ideas on how we can achieve this. Educating ourselves on asexuality and doing more to make people who identity as asexual can help this community feel more included.

If you are interested in joining the LGBTQ+ society, it meets on Mondays from 5pm. You can contact LGBTQ+ Executive Officer, Claire Sessions, for more information on these meetings or for general advice, by emailing You can also visit the society’s Instagram page at @bnu_lgbt.

Additional information and some frequently asked questions can be found on the following websites:

Healthline; Stonewall; Asexuality; Asexual Outreach