International Men's Day


This International Men's Day is focusing on the theme of Leading by Example and as part of Movember, we have asked you to share a bit about a male role model in you life. Today we'll be sharing your hero's on our Instagram story but we'd like to get the day started with some words from your Movember Ambassador, Brandon Tester, about his role model.


Rob Burrow is a former Rugby League player for Leeds Rhinos, a team where I saw many of these players as role models growing up. However, Rob Burrow is a man  who I watched week in week out on the TV,  known as ‘the smallest player in super league’ this didn’t stop him darting in and out of defences and causing mayhem. He was one of the most successful players in the competition. This already showed some of his resilience and strength, going against men twice the size of him and still bettering them.  

In 2019 Rob Burrow publicly revealed he had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). This announcement hit very hard, as seeing his deterioration from the man he was, was hard to comprehend. Going back to how I mentioned his resilience on the pitch, his resilience off the pitch and tackling this disease has been monumental. 

“First it takes your voice, then it takes your legs. It tries to rob you of your breath. But it can’t sap your spirit” - Rob Burrow  

Over the course of his time with MND he has documented it for everyone to follow, myself and many others especially from Leeds have followed this journey from day 1. He has campaigned ferociously to raise awareness of MND and between himself and a lot of super league stars have raised  nearly 3 Million Pounds (as of 7th July) and recently made that much of an impact with his documentaries and awareness gained a 50 Million pound Grant from the Government over 5 years towards the research into Motor Neuton Disease.  

This man will forever be a legend on and off the pitch due to his courage, resilience and passion.

- Brandon Tester, Movember Ambassador 2021-22.