International Women's Day

All this week we will be celebrating International Women’s Day and we’d like to take moment to hear from our first ever all-female Sabbatical Team: 

"Being a part of the first ever all-female sabbatical team has been an absolute honour, but at the same time brought great responsibility. We have felt like the expectations were higher and that we really had to work hard to prove that we were no different from any other team, but to also set the right example of what an all-female team could do. Working with each other has pushed us out of our comfort zones, but on the other hand has challenged us and we have become more confident for it. We believe more women need to believe in themselves because we now do and it feels amazing! Being an all-female Sabb team hasn’t been a problem for us, because we are all from different backgrounds, nationalities and have different interests and this uniqueness helps us bring more to the team."

We would like to tell all the women out there to not limit yourselves based on what the ‘norm’ is and to always believe in yourselves and your potential!