Invisible Dyslexia Week

Invisible Dyslexia Week

Today is the first day of Dyslexia Week, a week designed to help spread awareness of different forms of dyslexia and the challenges that come with this. The theme this year is “Invisible dyslexia”, exploring visibility within this community.

The British Dyslexia Association have lots of great activities going on throughout the week! You can find out how to get involved and view their themes for each day here –

This focuses on the importance of mental health, increasing the visibility of underrepresented groups, and raising serious issues of dyslexia being overlooked within education and the workplace.

At Bucks, we offer free screenings for dyslexia and can help you to register with the disability service for reasonable adjustments when studying, as well as applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). You can get in touch with our Inclusion Diversity & Disability Team via email at

If you would like to contact your Disabled Students Officer, Kate Gordon, you can email them at Kate is a current Bucks student who was elected in by their peers to represent Bucks students with disabilities.

You can also join our Facebook Group for students with disabilities too.