It's so much more than a degree

My name is Lucy Webb and I am a third year Psychology student. At first, starting university filled me with with such a mix of emotions, because everything was just so new and different. Being new to the campus and not knowing anyone was definitely nerve racking, but once I had met a few of my course mates and other students at the Freshers’ events I was reminded that we were all new students and were all in the same boat.

As well as initially quite worrying, it was also really exciting. Knowing that I was about to start a whole new chapter that was completely different to anything I had done before, and one that I spent lots of time thinking about and preparing for, was exhilarating. During Freshers’ Fortnight, we were given so much information about what we could do alongside our degree with Bucks Students’ Union. Particularly at Freshers’ Fair, in the welcome pack we received, and the Bucks Student newspaper, we were informed about what the Big Deal offered, such as sports and societies, volunteering, additional skills sessions, recreational activities, and additional opportunities, such as employment, volunteer roles, and the opportunity to join the Leadership Academy. Through these fantastic sessions, activities, and opportunities, you meet so many students you may not have otherwise crossed paths with, who for me became my closest friends at BNU.

As well as meeting new people, these opportunities were amazing for building knowledge, ability, and confidence, and for development, in terms of general life skills, personal skills, and transferable skills for employability. I would 100% recommend to any student to just get involved in anything and everything that is of interest to you. You will not regret it and you will have the best student experience you could have hoped for. I personally got involved in a huge variety of sessions, activities, and opportunities, and I had such a brilliant time with Bucks.

I think what I've enjoyed most from all that the Students' Union has had to offer, is the people I have met and the fun I have had. Meeting a variety of people, that I share interests with, or who have different interests to my own, and having completely unique and fun experiences had been incredible. My favourite memories are from the Beach Cleans. One of them I went with friends from a society, another we had horrible weather but a great laugh, and the last one I went knowing that I knew no one else but I made some good friends on the day. They are a fantastic opportunity to do some volunteering to help the environment and have an amazing fun day out with both friends and strangers. My top tip for being a student with Bucks is to just go for it and make the most of it.


- Lucy Webb, 2020-21 Leadership Academy Graduate.