Notification of Constitutional Referendum

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Click here to view the proposed Bye Law 1: Membership

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Bucks Students’ Union intends to run a referendum between Monday 21 October and Friday 1 November (polls open 24 hrs) asking members to adopt a series of minor amendments to the Constitution. These amendments seek to:

  1. Reflect current practice
  2. Ensure greater representation of Uxbridge students and
  3. Secure the process for approving the involvement of graduates and external participants in Union activity and groups.

Specific changes can be summarised as follows, namely to:

  • Abolish the AGM and replace it with an online process. Clauses 23-25
  • Introduce greater specificity over the process for permitting associate membership (also reflected in Bye-Law 1: Membership). Clauses 15/16 and Bye Law 1
  • Retain the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union as an entity in its own right (Sabbatical and Executive Officers) but with flexibility for each President to determine whether it meets as a committee. Clauses 75-77
  • Abolish the Appointments Committee for lay trustees – now to be carried out by members of Governance Committee. Clause 52
  • Reserve a student trustee position for an Uxbridge student Clauses 45-51


The Question

The exact question to be put to the student body is as follow:

‘I agree the Union should adopt the new Constitution’

Further Information

A full copy of the revised Constitution and more detailed explanations for the changes will be available no later than seven days prior to the start of the ballot.


Vote physically (in the Union foyer) and online in week one (on the Bucks Student’s Union website). Or, you can vote online during week two.


Any objections and/or questions should be lodged by Midnight on Tuesday 17th September 2019 to