One year on...

One year on from the murder of George Floyd and how much has changed? A year ago, a global conversation was sparked and it’s vital that we keep not only the conversation of anti-racism going, but also make sure we are backing up our words with actions that will ensure we are working towards an anti-racist community.  

Over the past year we have taken direct action from your feedback to help support our Black student community and educate our non-Black members. Alongside a successful Black History Month, we have started to consider the possibility of changing the name of our BAME Executive Officer. We recognise that the term is very broad and doesn’t allow for the many nuances that make up Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities. 

"A year on since the tragic murder of George Floyd our unwavering solidarity with our Black Students, staff, and Alumni still stands. We remain committed to making positive change, as we aspire towards an anti-racist community" - Tom Featherstone, Vice President Student Involvement, 2020-21.

 Many of the actions that will be taken in the future will stem directly from the EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee which was reinstated over the past year to ensure we are continually evaluating our work and making sure we are doing our best to make life better for students at Bucks. The committee is made up of students and staff of the Students’ Union and some of our staff also sit on the EDI Committee of the University to ensure we can support our members in every aspect of their University journey. 

A big part of how our members engage with the Students’ Union is through our societies and clubs and so we have re-introduced equality, diversity, and inclusion training to all committee members so they have a better understanding on how to ensure all students feel welcomed in their student groups.   

It is important that all of our members feel safe and supported, and to know that they are surrounded by allies within the Students’ Union and the student community. Listen to their voices and educate yourself, and those around you. 

We understand that this is a difficult time for our black students and want to encourage you to contact our Advice Centre team if you need any support or advice. If you’ve been affected and need to talk to someone – we are here for you. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of hate crime and if you wish to report an incident, then send an email to