Past VPEW, Georgia Nosal


Where do I even begin? My year as a sabbatical officer gave me some of my best memories of my life. I got to work with my two closest friends and just had the best fun.

When I reflect on my year as Vice President Education and Welfare it just brings me so much happiness. To have had a positive impact on students, whether it was from approving courses or running campaigns, is an incredible feeling. The gratification you get is unbeaten.

As with anything, there were parts of the job that almost put me off from running. Talking in front of big audiences, being known around campus or lengthy meetings just made me feel nervous. However, all my fears and apprehensions about the role soon disappeared and became my favourite parts of the job. 

On open days getting to tell 200 plus people how amazing the Students' Union is, was something I dreaded. But I quickly realised that having the platform and opporutnity totalk about the incredible things we did and to see people getting excited was just such a great feeling. The highligh of my year had to be the annual Union Awards, I loved the event as a student but when I realised I would be giving the long speech I started to dread it. As soon as those doors opened on the night I just felt so immensley proud to be part of the Students' Union and honoured that I could address such a wonderful audience filled with students who loved the Students' Union as much as I did. 

The amount you learn when you're on the job and the new ways you find to push yourself is incredible. Employers now massively value all the transferable skills you learn while in office. It's not just speeches and organisation. It's dealing with conflict, helping students out in times of difficulty, time management and so much more. Plus a secured job straight out of uni? Hardly anyone gets that opportunity! 

It’s been years since I nominated myself for Vice President Education and Welfare and it is by far the best decision I ever made. 

-Georgia Nosal, Vice President Education and Welfare 2018-2019


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