RAG Week

Last week Bucks Students’ Union held its first ever RAG week. The aim of the week was to raise as much money as we could for our two RAG charities: Hillingdon Samaritans and Wycombe Homeless Connection.

Throughout the week our very own Netball Club held a very successful raffle which raised £530. The success of the raffle was very much down to the Netball committee working extremely hard to acquire such fantastic prizes, getting their team involved in running the stall and encouraging students and staff to buy the tickets.


Left: Netball raffle prizes, Right: Badminton at Dodgeball 4 Rag

Our Dodgeball 4 RAG competition which welcomed players from a variety of societies and clubs was also very successful. Well done to Badminton for beating Hockey in the final, things got very competitive which was great to watch. The Students' Union staff team also did well with only one of us injured. The event raised £130 for RAG with teams paying to enter and others donating throughout the night.

Lastly, Men’s Hockey put on their ‘Soak a Sabb/Senior’ event which involved Seniors and our three Sabbatical officers putting themselves forward to be soaked with water guns and buckets of water! Many students and staff paid to get involved, resulting in raising over £160 for RAG.

Men's Hockey at Soak a Sabb/Senior. 

I want to thank everyone who got involved in running the events, donating and getting involved. It was a lot of fun and we are very proud to tell our RAG charities about the money we raised.

I hope this inspires more students to come up with other fun ways to fundraise for RAG. The Students' Union will support you as best as we can to run an event so don’t hesitate in emailing your ideas to volunteering@bucks.ac.uk