Reduce your carbon footprint

Summer break is around the corner and that means watching unlimited Netflix and gaming to your hearts content all while not feeling guilty about it as you have finally finished all your essays! Although the idea of staying in and binge watching your favourite series sounds fun your energy usage will be increasing and therefore your carbon footprint will go up! This article is all about top tips for you to enjoy your summer at home all while reducing your carbon footprint! 


Be energy saving

If you just want to hibernate this summer at home, you’ll probably be watching a lot of tv or using a lot of energy! You can watch as much tv or play as many games as you want but by following the few tips below you will be reducing your energy usage and therefore reducing your carbon footprint! 

Turn off all electronic, don’t leave on standby

Switching off lights when leaving room (yes even if you’ve only gone to eat dinner downstairs and will be heading straight back to your room after)

Switching plug sockets off and removing chargers from sockets when not in use.

Reducing your heating even by 1 degree


Reduce unnecessary travel to be carbon-clever

We’ve all been there; you need to pop to the shops, and you think “oh I’ll just drive” even though its only down the road. By reducing the amount, you travel unnecessary using car will reduce your carbon footprint.

Walk or cycle where possible

Could you take a bus rather than drive?

If you do want to drive see if anyone else wants to get in your car to reduce the amount of cars being used travelling to the same place. 


Remember the 3 R’S


Yes by following the 3 simple R’s this summer you will be reducing your carbon footprint! 


Don’t go crazy on your first food shop of summer break and realise you can’t eat it all and then you have to throw it away! Reduce your shop by meal planning and prepping to ensure your only buying what you need and using everything up!


Charity shopping has become a trend and that is what we love to see! Fancy buying new clothes to go to the pub with your mates? Why not check out your local charity shops. Not only is your money going to a good cause your also reusing items rather than purchasing something new! 


Even though summer break is known for laying around, don’t get lazy with your recycling! If you are going home this summer research what you can and can’t recycle in your hometown as everywhere is different! Recycling is simple and makes a huge difference to what ends up unnecessarily in landfill. 


You may be reading this and thinking duh?? And that’s great! This article is just a reminder of the very simple day to day decisions you could make to reduce your carbon footprint and help our planet.

If you want to check out what your carbon footprint is, head over to the WWF Footprint calculator today and find out how your footprint compares.