Referendum - the next steps

During Elections Week in April the Union ran a referendum to determine whether or not it should attempt to introduce a fourth sabbatical officer. The new sabbatical officer would have a brief to support education and welfare and be based at the Uxbridge campus. This move was in recognition of the Union’s expansion in recent years and the increased demands being placed on student officers. This move is therefore viewed as important to maintaining a high service for our members.

The motion secured overwhelming and, indeed, near unanimous support. A total of 703 voting in favour and just 17 students voting against. However, in order to be quorate a 5% of the student body (916) needed to cast a vote and we fell just short of this.

Nevertheless, this move is viewed as important and the we are therefore proposing to follow the decision-making process as set out in the Constitution in the eventuality that we fail to achieve quorum. Therefore, we will ask a General Meeting to discuss the matter, with the meeting to be held online on Thursday 26 May. A meeting of the Union Council will then ratify the decision on Friday 27 May.

Although the outcome is uncertain, given the large demonstration of support shown at the ballot box, we will be preparing for the eventuality of an election. In order to run this in as timely a manner as possible, nominations will open in parallel to the decision-making process (on Friday 20 May) with candidates made aware that the decision to run the bye-election is dependent on the outcome of the General Meeting. If the members vote to approve the fourth sabbatical officer, the bye-election will be held online in the week commencing Monday 13 June.

Further information about the General Meeting and possible bye-election, including nominations will be released in the coming days.

If you have any questions in the meantime please contact Deputy Chief Executive Officer