A farewell from your President

Reflecting on two transformative years.


As my tenure as your elected officer at Bucks Students’ Union draws to a close, I reflect on an incredible journey over the past two years. From my beginnings as Vice President of Education and Welfare for High Wycombe in 2022/23 to stepping into the role of President for 2023/24, it's been a period filled with dedication, growth, and significant achievements, especially surrounding our cost-of-living campaign.

One of my proudest initiatives has been the relentless push for the cost-of-living campaign. As President, I was committed to continuing the work I started as VPEW but with more intensity and broader impact. We amplified the Monthly Monday Meals, took a firm stand on Digital Poverty, and ensured the continuity of the Big Bucks Meal deal, which provided free meals and discounted eateries for our students. None of these would have been possible without the unwavering support of the SU team, whose hard work often goes unnoticed but is deeply appreciated.

Focusing on the cost of living led to remarkable milestones. Our efforts earned a feature on Channel 4, participation in a case study by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), and a joint award for the University and the Student Union for our cost-of-living support initiatives. Personally, receiving a special recognition award at the Union Awards night for my support to students was an honour. However, these accolades were never my goal; the true reward has been witnessing our community thrive despite challenging times.

Beyond these initiatives, I have also advocated for student needs on a broader scale, pushing accommodation issues at the University Council level. It’s been a privilege to champion the needs of students, helping the Council better understand the real-life issues we face, such as rising living costs and the shortage of student accommodation.

There are many other instances where I have pushed for the betterment of the student experience, but these are my main takeaways, I hope I have made an impact on you and those who are to come after my stay as President.

As I bid farewell, I carry immense gratitude for the opportunity to serve and the incredible support from the Bucks community. It’s been an honour to contribute to making life better for students at Bucks. Seeing our community prosper is the reward that keeps me motivated, and I look forward to seeing continued progress and success for all students in the years to come.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your President.

Thank you and Good Luck,
Brandon Tester