Register for a local GP

Moving to a new area can be exciting, but there’s also a lot of responsibility now that you’re out on your own. Remembering to separate your laundry, learning how to unblock a toilet and that ever dreaded phone call – to make your own doctor’s appointment.

To avoid having to wait longer for an appointment than necessary, make sure you register with a local GP as soon as you can after you arrive. It only takes a few minutes and having access to a local doctor is a really important part of your self-care.

A few things you might need when you register to a local GP include:

  • The name and address of your previous GP practise.
  • A list of any vaccinations you have had and the dates you had them (if you can remember.)
  • Bring a list of any medication you take with the strengths and dosage.
  • A proof of identity i.e. a passport / identity card / driving license.
  • A proof of address i.e. a bank statement / utility bill registered to your term time address. If you do not have any of these the University can provide a proof of address by contacting


If you do not typically reside in the UK you will need proof that you are able to reside in the UK as well – usually your acceptance letter from the University and your new address will suffice but this can vary between GP surgeries.

If you’re living in halls then these might be the closest options: Carrington House Surgery, Chiltern House Medical Centre, Riverside Surgery or Priory Surgery.

If you’re not moving into halls, or you’re based near our Uxbridge or Aylesbury campuses you can always find your closest GP Surgery on the NHS website: