Say hi to Sruthi


I'm Sruthi, an international student from India, and I did my master’s in International MBA at BNU. Since I did my undergrad back in India the university student experience was entirely new to me. I started getting involved with the Students' Union in my second year and since then never got a chance to look back. Being an international student was a bit strange and overwhelming for me especially during my initial days. Settling in a new country, it was tough where language, culture, food and everything is different and what made it even worse is the home sickness. At that time I didn't feel like there was enough representation for international students and communities to take part in, which played a crucial part in my university journey into various roles at Students' Union.

I started to get involved with Students' Union more in my second year when I was the Executive Officer for International Students, a student rep for my IMBA course, and an employability ambassador for the Business & Law School. Being in these roles led me to be a part of building two different societies: the International Students’ Society and the Business & Law Society. I was actively engaged with both the societies planning and organising events to help build the student communities and was even Chair on both society committees. 

The Student' Union was a great platform for me to develop my personal and professional skills and throughout my time as a student I could build my network within the University. One of my greatest achievements so far was being awarded ‘Campaigner of The Year’ and Golden Rep in the 2023 Union Awards for my work on various campaigns across the year and as a student rep, which made my work feel even more special.

These experiences and recognitions made me decide to run for Vice President Education and Welfare (High Wycombe) this year as I enjoy bringing a positive impact to students’ lives. It will be an amazing year working as part of the Sabbatical Officer team and I can’t wait to meet you all in September and work alongside you all with lots of passion to bring the changes you want to see at BNU.

- Sruthi K Subhash, Vice President Education Welfare (High Wycombe) 2023-24