Student Stories

My experience on campus has been amazing! It’s so easy to find where your going and help is everywhere; you really feel supported and welcomed straight away. 

From starting as a foundation student commuting from home you felt a little lost at first but that quickly changed because I put myself out there and went to mixers and joined societies. Netball really helped me grow as a person and made me feel so much more connected to the university and the people in it and one of the reasons with made me stay on. Then from going into halls as I was starting first year was the best decision I made. Whether your commuting in or living in accommodation your uni experience won’t be any different! With bucks they really get involved with all the students and make sure everyone feels comfortable. For me, staying on will be something I will never forget. 

The facilities are amazing in all sorts of departments and I think that’s what really sets it apart from other universities because it offers what they don’t! Being a smaller university, you really feel connected and supported a lot more and it really helps with homesickness. As joining freshers’ I hope you enjoy it as much as I have so far!

-Eloise Maslin