Student Stories

If I’m being completely honest, I was so nervous in the lead up to my first day at university that I very nearly didn’t even go! I came up with all sorts of reasons why I shouldn’t go- it’s far away, how will I realistically fit my daughter around it, will I be smart enough to complete it, I start lots of things I never finish, why will this be different? But I knew there was one overwhelming reason why I should. Because I have wanted this my whole adult life and now the chance was right in front of me.

I skipped breakfast because I was too nervous, I arrived about an hour early and sat in my car nervously looking through my social media.

When I look back, I had nothing to be nervous about. My main fears over anything else were ‘would I make friends’ I’m 29 so older than the average student, and a single mother. I was painfully shy as a child and struggled to make friends so I feared history would repeat itself. It didn’t. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. The tutors, the student ambassadors, the students. They really made an emphasis on inclusion, it felt like home straight away. The day was filled with introductions and explanations and I quickly made friends that I know will be friends for life.

My advice to new students would be just throw yourself into it. It really is the best experience of your life. My whole life has changed since starting uni, I look forward to it every day and I’m so proud of myself for pushing through my anxiety and going for my dreams. I became a student ambassador not long after I started because I want to help others tackle that anxiety and go for their goals. I love being a bucks student and to be honest I never want to leave!


- Stephanie Williams