The Big Sleepout

Each year our students swap their beds for sleeping bags to sleep somewhere they normally wouldn’t... Adams Park. They made their way to the Wycombe Wanderers Football Stadium, all in aid of The Big Sleepout and this year raised over £2,200 for Wycombe Homeless Connection.

We're so proud of them for braving the cold and helping to raise awareness for such a fantastic cause.

John Heatley, Bucks Men’s Rugby Club Fundraiser, said, “Taking part in The Big Sleepout 2022 was a real eye-opener for me in a few ways, firstly being how well-off a lot of people are without even noticing it, it’s not until you have to spend the night trying to sleep in the conditions that some people have to sleep in every night do you realise it. It was also a great show of how the money raised by everyone will go towards helping these people and hearing about how the organisation has helped individuals in the past gives me even larger hope for their future. Overall, I would say it was a great thing to experience, a lot of money was raised and it’s all going to a good cause at the end of the day. I think personally I will be doing it again next year.”

Wycombe Homeless Connection is a charity organisation providing emergency accommodation, food packs, clothing and hygiene products, counselling and support, and health care to reduce harm to those on the streets. The point of The Big Sleepout is to raise awareness of what it is like not to have a home or bed to go back to each night, whilst raising money to help combat homelessness – particularly during these colder months.

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