Roebuck Trophy returns

Sports teams from Bucks New University have competed in the annual Varsity fixture, against the University of Roehampton, with an overall win for Bucks of 10.5 points to 8.5 points.

Around 900 students from Bucks New University and the University of Roehampton took part, both competing and spectating, and the atmosphere across all fixtures was incredibly good-natured, with some fixtures being fiercely competitive.

Bucks started the day in a strong position having secured wins in men’s futsal and dance, in fixtures that were held before the main event, putting us in the lead 2-1.

A total of 16 fixtures were played across the day with wins in men’s swimming, women’s hockey, women’s basketball, men’s volleyball, men’s rugby and in three of the men’s football fixtures, with a draw in women’s swimming where we gained a half point.

Being in a position for the final fixture, where both sides would have drawn, men’s rugby dealt brilliantly with the pressure to secure victory, holding off Roehampton scoring a try in the final minutes of the game, with a win of 29-24, and securing overall victory for Bucks.

This is the first time that Bucks have won the competition since 2016 and also the first time away with the Roebuck Trophy returning back.

The Sam Woods shield, for the male player of the day, was awarded to Pablo Latorre Martinez for his outstanding contribution as goalkeeper for the men’s first team football. The Natalie Tucker shield, for the female player of the day, was awarded to a student from the University of Roehampton.

Charlie Cotton, Vice President Student Involvement, said: “It was an incredible day with all teams giving everything they could and the spectators really helping support our teams and helping make that difference. There was so much institutional pride shown across the whole day and I was so thrilled to have taken part in the final fixture bringing that trophy back to Bucks.”

Full results: 
Dance: Bucks 4-3 Roehampton
Men’s futsal 1st: Bucks 5-4 Roehampton
Women’s rugby: Bucks 17-20 Roehampton

Men’s badminton 1st: Bucks 1-7 Roehampton
Women’s badminton 1st: Bucks 2-6 Roehampton
Women’s basketball 1st: Bucks 86-35 Roehampton
Men’s football 1st: Bucks 3-2 Roehampton
Men’s football 2nd: Bucks 3-1 Roehampton
Men’s football 3rd: Bucks 3-3 Whitelands*
Men’s football 4th: Bucks 2-5 Digby
Women’s football 1st: Bucks 1-11 Roehampton
Men’s hockey 1st: Bucks 1-6 Roehampton
Women’s hockey 1st: Bucks 11-0 Roehampton
Women’s netball 1st: Bucks 11-53 Roehampton
Women’s netball 2nd: Bucks 8-49 Roehampton
Men’s rugby 1st: Bucks 29-24 Roehampton
Men’s swimming: Bucks 5-1 Roehampton
Women’s swimming: Bucks 3-3 Roehampton
Men’s volleyball: Bucks 3-0 Roehampton
Women’s volleyball: Bucks 2-3 Roehampton

* Bucks point due to ineligible team