The library refurbishment


In January at our first Union Council of the new year, Linda Coombs, the Library and Learning Resources Manager, and Suzannah Bridge, the Academic Liaison Librarian attended, joined the meeting to consult with students about a project on refurbishing the library which has been long needed. Nick Braisby the Vice Chancellor of BNU expressed to the two proposers that he is open to a bid for fully refurbishing the library to use the space differently, which would apply to both High Wycombe and Uxbridge Campuses.

The library is one of the biggest learning resources we have at University and there has been issues with learning resources over the years so, this going ahead would be a fantastic way to start tackling the problem.

So, what would it entail?

The library staff had discussed the plans and came up with a wish list:

  • A better variety of group study spaces that could be booked, plus study pods
  • More individual study space
  • An improved approach to noise – better management of areas and noise reduction/noise dampening initiatives
  • An improved library entrance area with clearer signage and no barriers
  • Sorting out some of the practical issues including many more plug sockets, computer cables, more suitable bins, and a warmer and more inviting space overall.

The process at the time was in the early stages, with the funding bid to be made in February. I'm yet to recieve any updates on how the process is going, other than the trial furniture within the library. It's also understood that the project leads, Linda Coombs and Suzannah Bridge, will sadly be leaving BNU in the coming weeks, which potentially leaves the project up in the air, leaving students missing out on something that would have a positive impact on their student experience.

Both myself and Emily are sitting on an Education Committee and Senate this month and will be asking around the Library Refurbishment and if it is ultimately going ahead. Everyone here at Bucks Students' Union want to see this project happen, and this has also being expressed by students during our Union Council meeting.

- Brandon Tester, Vice President Education and Welfare (High Wycombe)