'Tis the season

This Christmas it's all about giving back to the community and there is no better time to do this than during our Christmas Volunteer Week. From Monday 6 December until Friday 10 December we'll have a selection box worth of volunteering opportunities for all of our members.

Yu may have heard through the grapevne that this year we're working on a selection of Christmas hampers. There'll be hampers and goodies for the elderly residents at Ryeview Manor, the students at BNU that won't be heading home for the holidays, and for local school children in the area. But we need your help. If you've got a flair for wrapping, a penchant for puns, or know how to get the tinsel out of the tangle then join us as we decorate the bags and boxes for the hampers.

If sticky tape gives you flashbacks to holidays past, you can still be one of our helpful elves and make a donation, big or small, to contribute towards the hampers for the elderly residents at Ryeview Manor. You can drop of any of your donations at our reception desk on the High Wycombe Campus.

Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean we're giving up the green. We're looking to reduce and re-use whereever we can so if you have any spare shoe boxes that you'd like to get rid of, bring them down to ys and we'll turn them into brilliant gifts.

Have a look over our Christmas Volunteer Week timetable below to find out where and when we'll be setting up shop. If you ahve any questions or would like to get in touch, you can email volunteering@bucks.ac.uk.