Uni Mental Health Day


On Thursday 9 March, myself and Jess joined in the national campaign for students mental health awareness, University Mental Health Day run by Student Minds.

We had some of our members fill us in on how we've positively impacted their mental health, and created a video to highlight some of support we have available for you. We also had a stall set up in The Lounge on #UniMentalHealthDay with your club and society Welfare Liaisons to share resources, have someone to talk to, and fill us in on where we could improve.

There was a great turnout at the stall and so many of you left some wonderful feedback. Sharing your thoughts with the wider team brought a tear to many of us and we'll be using this feedback to show the University that the services we provide are making a positive impact on student mental health and continuing to develop more support where it's needed. 

I've highlighted a few comments below to share with you:

  • Apart from the Union offering free sports, societies and activities to ALL of their students, staff and sabbs are very supportive as well. Every time I come in the office. I am comfortable of being vulnerable and talking about my worries, and confident that it will be sorted at the end. Sabb Officers are also very easy to reach out to and they are are always ready to help, no matter.

  • Provided opportunities for students to relax and get support when needed. Lots of support for students services and lots of activities for students to get involved in.

  • The SU staff are super friendly and welcoming - I know that if I'm having a hard time I can go into the office and everyone is willing to help or signpost me to services that can - like the advice centre.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who got involved and if you want to share any feedback, then please email union@bnu.ac.uk.

Lastly, I'd just like to say that there are plenty of resources you can use during your time at University to support your mental health, but if you're ever unsure or would like to talk to someone, then email our friendly advisers in the Advice Centre on suadvice@bnu.ac.uk

- Brandon Tester, Vice President Education and Welfare (High Wycombe)