Varsity is back

It's the highlights of the sporting calendar, a fan faovutire, a time to celebrate all of our incredible clubs. That's right, Varsity 2023 is here!

If you've never heard of it before, Varsity is an event held once a year giving our teams the opportunity to compete against their counterparts from another institution. Our Varsity opponents are Roehampton University and we have been competing against them every year since 2013. The University that wins the most points during this event will be crowned the winner and given the prestigious Roebuck Cup to display until we next meet.

Each University takes turns in hosting, with the event this year being hosted by Roehampton, making it the first away Varsity since 2019. The event, usually held over a week, culminates in a day where supporters from Roehampton and BNU watch the bulk of the fixtures being played with the last fixture finishing at 10:00pm. Then the day finishes at the Students' Union Bar where both Universities' staff, players and supporters come together to watch the cup ceremony.

Last year we managed to retain the cup through a draw so this year it’s more important than ever that our clubs bring home a win. So clear your calendars and make sure you're free on Wednesday 29 March for a fantastic day of sporting fixtures.

If you wish to play or spectate don’t delay purchasing your tickets. The £15 ticket includes transport to and from Roehampton, a food voucher, a t-shirt and entry to the awards ceremony and night out afterwards.

It's a day you really don't want to miss, even if you’re not part of a club, get involved and join in with the famous Bucks spirit!