Varsity '24

Support your university sports teams and watch all of the action live at Bucks.


Varsity 10th Year Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our illustrious annual sporting event, Varsity. A day fuelled by high octane sporting emotion, tension, anticipation and sporting brilliance. The university that wins the most points during this event will be crowned the winner and given the RoeBuck trophy to display until we next meet.

Our Varsity rival is University of Roehampton. Each university takes turns in hosting, with the event in 2023 being hosted by the University of Roehampton. Meaning this year the RoeBuck trophy is heading home.


But can it stay home?

This is the big question and your support can help that happen on Sunday 10 March and Wednesday 13 March 2024. With Roehampton having the overall edge we need you more than ever.


Tickets are on sale now

Tickets are now available at £15. The event, usually held over a week, culminates in a day where supporters from Bucks and Roehampton watch the bulk of the fixtures being played, with the last fixture finishing at 9.00pm. The day then finishes at the Students' Union bar where both universities' staff, players and supporters come together to watch the cup ceremony.


“Varsity is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Since my time at the union, it is something I have always looked forward to. The build-up is always an exciting time because it is a good motivator to get yourself ready and fit to smash Roe. With this being the 10th anniversary it means so much to me as it is going to be my last one. Make sure to get a ticket, this isn’t one to be missed.”

- Brandon Tester, President Bucks Students' Union


What do you get when you purchase a ticket?

There's a lot on offer when you buy a varsity ticket, from priority entry, transport, and of course, all your favourite sports to watch live:

  • Varsity T-shirt with events schedule print on the back.
  • Varsity wristbands for access to venues on the Sunday and Wednesday (This does not include the dance competition in Southampton)
  • Transport to events (transport provided by SU)
  • 1 Course Meal
  • Priority entry to our award-winning venue
  • Full programme of events including articles from all Varsity captains

Fixtures to watch on Sunday 10 March 

  • Mens Football 4’s
  • Men’s and Women’s Hockey fixtures

Fixtures to watch on Wednesday 13 March 

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Men’s Football 1’s, 2’s and 3’s
  • Women’s Football
  • Netball 1’s and 2’s
  • Rugby
  • Men’s and Women’s Volleyball


So what are you waiting for?

Tickets available now.


A full timetable of the event will be available on the day.