Your VPEW Uxbridge Candidates

After the success of our General Meeting on Wednesday 25 May, with over 100 members in attendance and 128 out of 130 students voting yes in support of a fourth sabbatical officer, we were able to go forward with the planning of this election. After nominations closed on Thursday 1 June, we can now reveal the candidates for the role of Vice President Education and Welfare (Uxbridge) are as follows:

Emily Crawshaw



These elections decide who will be the leaders of your Students' Union for the next academic year, so it’s incredibly important to have your say and vote for who you want to lead on your priorities and activity for the next academic year. During the elections, each candidate will produce a written manifesto that will outline what they would aim to achieve if elected into their chosen position.

Please do not miss your chance to vote and check out the candidate manifestoBy voting, you can say that the changes being put in place are due to the contributions of your ideas and voice.

Have your say on who your first Vice President Education and Welfare (Uxbridge) will be when voting opens on Monday 13 June, and keep up to date with the elections on our social media channels.