Your accredited sports clubs

Each year our sports clubs endeavour to complete the accreditatin scheme. As part of the accreditation, our clubs will strive to get involved in many aspects of the Students' Union from volunteering and fundraising, to engagement and team building objectives. Completing your accreditation requires input from not just the committee members but all of the clubs members.

The clubs accredited in this academic year are:

  • BNU Dance
  • Men’s Football
  • Men’s Hockey
  • Women’s Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Swimming.

Being accredited also puts you in the running for an AU dinner nomination within club of the year and for some, will go a long way in a member getting a nomination for fresher and committee member of the year.

We appreciate all the effort each club puts in to complete their accreditation and we want to extend our congratulations to each one of them. You have all done a fantastic job and we all look forward to seeing how you get on next year.