Zero Waste While Moving

It's Zero Waste Week! Running from 6th September to the 10th September, Zero Waste Week is a great week to learn about how you can be a sustainable student. Keep reading to find out some of our top tips to reduce your waste while you move!

If you're getting ready to move to University and want to be as sustainable as possible, make sure you take part in this award-winning week long campaign to raise awareness about the environmental impact of waste - this is the 14th annual campaign so get stuck in!

Top tips to reduce waste while moving out:

  • Instead of buying bubble wrap to protect your items, why not save your pennies ready for Freshers' Fortnight and use your clothes to wrap breakables in. (This also means you don't have to pack as much!)
  • When thinking about what you will need for uni, tupperware boxes should be the answer! Stocking up on tupperware boxes means that you can swap out those pesky plastic sandwich bags for a more enviromentally friendly tub (that you can reuse!) for your lunches at uni!
  • Batch cooking is a great way to reduce food waste by meal planning. Batch cooking meals for a few days and using your trusty Tupperware boxes to freeze the left overs will reduce food unnecessarily going into the bin.
  • If you are thinking of going to Ikea to buy all new plates just for your flat mate to smash them in a day, DON’T! Instead, why not use our Bucks New Usage service to stock up on the essentials?
  • Did you know that in our cafes at BNU, you actually get money off when you bring your own reusable coffee cup in? Yep, so instead of wasting plastic and money on that throw away coffee cup, buy a couple of travel mugs now before you head to university and start to save money for being green!
  • Refill stations are a great way to reduce waste, it cuts out all the unnecessary plastic surrounding your pasta and rice. Every month, Bucks Students’ Union will be having a pop-up refill station on campus. Start saving those pasta jars you have at home as these will soon come in handy!

Zero Waste Week is all about reducing, reusing and refusing. Get involved and get ready to come to uni sustainably.