What a win

It’s not all about the winning … unless you’re badminton.

Our men’s badminton team faced Medway's 1st team this week and what a game that turned out to be! The boys had their best day on the court and walked away with a whopping 7-1 win. The first win of the season for the badminton team and what a win it was. They've had a taste of glory and aren't ready to give it up. Shout out to Jamie Thom for receiving Player of the Match.

Men’s basketball was unfortunately cancelled the night before due to the Kingston team having COVID cases and being unable to play. You can catch our boys playing at home next week from 8pm in the Events Hall.

Only three of our four football teams went out to play this week with the Bucks FC 2nd team having a well deserved break in their undefeated run so far. The Bucks FC 1st team played at home against UCL 3rd team who got the better of our boys as they lost 6-2. The Bucks FC 3rd team was also on home soil this week but Captain Connor Ward wasn’t able to bring win back when they faced London South Bank 1st tema and lost 8-1. They say bad luck comes in three’s and Bucks FC were at the front of that this week as the Bucks FC 4th team went to King’s College, where they lost 18-0.

Men’s hockey didn’t play this week, so we move on to the women’s hockey team who were playing on the back of a 28-0 loss last week and a kit bag full of hope. With a full squad for the first time in a while, the women absolutely smashed a 3-3 draw against Royal Holloway. Special mentions to Jasmin Jones and Charlotte MacMurray for being voted Players of the Match.

Both netball teams kitted up ready to play and the 2nd team unfortunately lost to UCL but our 1st team had the home advantage and were able to out-play St George’s with a 59-42 win. Sophie Sobo was voted 1st eam Plyer of the Match.

UCL seemed to triumph over our Bucks teams in this round of fixtures as the men’s rugby team made the journey to their campus with a 15-man squad. Our boys took a loss at UCL with a final score of 77-0.