A home win


It’s fixture round-up time for the last game of November.

Men’s Basketball travelled into London this week to take on Goldsmiths and it was a very close game with an unfortunate 63-60 loss. The team are having a bit of trouble finding their winning streak, but we haven’t lost hope and are hoping next week might be better. 

All of our Men's Football teams played this week. The 1st team played against Royal Holloway winning 4-2, keeping them at the top of the league. Our Bucks FC 2nd team finished their game against Surrey with a 5-2 loss, the 3rd team came home with a 1-1 draw and our 4th finished their match with a loss of 8-0. Not the week of wins the lads were expecting as, unfortunately, this week’s fixtures didn’t work in Bucks FC’s favour. 

Bucks Men’s Rugby took to the Marlow pitch, and what a game. With no serious injuries, no march backs and a hat trick from Nico Tissera, the boys managed to win their first game of the year and they walked away from their game against Kent with a 29-15 win. has been a very difficult couple of years for Bucks Men’s Rugby Club but hopefully, this win will set them off now. Also a special shout-out to the Club for being the November Club of the Month.

Women’s Hockey played away to St George’s and unfortunately they lost 3-0, but we know that they have it in them to win next week.

The Netball 1st team secured yet another win with a final score of 49-38 against Portsmouth seeing the girls continue their winning streak. The girls remain at the top of their league and we have high hopes for them this season.

Both of our Volleyball Teams played away this week. Unfortunately, the men’s team lost 3-1 against Portsmouth and the women’s team lost 3-0 against Sussex. 

Each week your Student Activities team chose a Player of the Day from the Players of the Match and Team of the Week. This week our Player of the Day is Martynas Ziukas whose team said “he played with fire in his belly!” He may have been fouled out but he then became an amazing coach for the team. Our Team of the Week is Rugby, after losses all season they finally pulled it together as a team bringing them that win they needed, and they did it without injuries!