My October update

Headshot of Emily Crawshaw

It's been a brilliant few weeks as we all get settled into the first term and I'm really excited to see what the next month brings. At the start of term, I spent most of my time at the High Wycombe Campus with the other Sabbattical Officers working together to get our campaigns up and running, spend some time getting to know eachother better, and settling in to the new role. Once students got back on campus I started to split my time between the three campuses and spent my time meeting new students, doing shout outs for the Students’ Union and the Representation Team.

Now Freshers' in over, I've settled into the Uxbridge office, with the occasional days up at our Aylesbury Campus too. Brandon and I have launched our Monthly Monday Meals campaign, which has had a great up-take at all campuses and I am looking forward to continuing this throughout the year. In the last week I have also been a part of training up our new student reps that have been recently been elected in by their peers and I'm looking forward to working with them to support the educational experience of both them, and their cohorts.

Another nice thing about being over at the Uxbridge Campus is getting to see how I can work to support our Uxbridge students and make their time on campus feel exciting and help them to feel less isolated, being so far away from where most of the action happens. It's small steps to start with but I'm excited to say that we've brought the Help Yourshelf initiative over to the Uxbridge Campus so you can now help yourself to any of the freebies on the shelf.

Looking ahead to the rest of the term, there will be a Wellbeing Week taking place in early December along with plenty of other things so keep an eye out with how you can get involved.

-Emily Crawshaw, Vice President Education and Welfare (Uxbridge and Aylesbury)