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About us

We are the head banging, eyeliner wearing, band obsessed Alt Society. Our primary goal is to bring all emo, metalhead, goth and alternative students together. We welcome everyone. Our socials and meetings are a safe place for you to express yourself. So, if you get triggered whenever you hear a G note, if you know any Nirvana song that isn’t Smells Like Teen Spirit, and if you knew Iron Maiden before Teenage Dirtbag… consider this your calling!

Our meetings consist of jam sessions, wellbeing chats, performances and general casual meetings each week where we will focus on planning alt events and expanding our music taste, music genre and industry knowledge. We plan to host gigs and alternative events at the Uni itself and we will be doing group outings to nights like ‘Crash’. We also plan to attend emo club nights and gigs around the UK as a society. Trips to Camden are also in the works!

The benefits of joining our society include meeting like-minded people and learning more about different genres and bands plus the industry itself. You will also be able to form links with musicians and other people either in or aspiring to be in the alternative music industry.

Chair & Welfare Liaison | Hannah Jobling |

Secretary | Zach Marshall |

Treasurer | Anna Poulsen |