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BNU Swans is not only a cheer squad but one of the biggest families at Bucks. Whether you have competed at level 6 or never cheered before, we welcome everyone to join us. Joining the Swans is a great escape from the stress of studying, a great way to meet new friends and overall enhance your university experience.

We provide our members with great performance opportunities and compete at various competitions, so you’ll never be bored!

After the various restrictions from the last year and a half, we can’t wait to get back to regular training and working towards various competitions and performances throughout the year.

We have 3 teams:

  • Level 2 Co-Ed Cheerleading
  • Pom Dance
  • Jazz Dance

We also host themed socials every Wednesday where all members are welcome to come along to get to know your teammates better. Social members who may not want to take part in the sport but still want a great way to make new friends are also encouraged to come along.

Whether you want to be a competitive, non-competitive or social member, come and join the Swans!

We have three teams that are a part of the BNU Swans family. Main cheer is known as Allstar cheer, it comprises of a 2:30 minute routine filled with stunts, jumps, dance and tumbling. Our training sessions for main cheer consist of practicing techniques of our stunts, improving strength and flexibility, and most importantly working together.

Our Pom and Jazz teams are influenced heavily through dance. Our pom team, unsurprising, uses pompoms in their fast-paced routines and often perform at varsity as well as competitions. Our jazz team is equally as fast-paced, and focuses on good technique and teamwork to create a stunning routine.

Our training sessions are:

Thursday 6-7:30pm – Dance Teams

Thursday 7:30-10pm (Events Hall) - Main Cheer

Sunday 1:30-3:30pm (Events Hall) - Main Cheer

Sunday 3:30-5pm – Dance Teams


Captain | Zaphron Harper |

Co-Captain | Beth Smith |

Secretary | Imi Smith-Davies |

Treasurer | Charlotte Callaway |

Welfare Liaison | Charlotte Callaway |

Social Sec | Elle Hood|