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We are the BNU Swans Cheer Squad, and we are one of the biggest families in BNU. We welcome anybody who is interested about cheer; whether you have done it before or not. We also encourage boys to come and try too! Last year was a challenging but a good year for us; even though some of our members have never done cheer before, we worked hard and achieved great results.

Joining the Swans will never get you bored. From Social Nights, de-stressing from your course, and everything else in between, we have got you covered! We get together every Wednesday for themed socials or takeovers, which is a very good way to socialize and make some good friends, or if you are not the going out drinking type, we also arrange sober socials.

The Swans also have countless performance opportunities throughout the year. Last year, we had 3 competitions, and performed at events like Fight Night.

The BNU Swans have 3 competitive teams: 

  • Swans Supremacy - Level 2 Tumble Co-Ed 
  • Swans Serenity - Pom 
  • Swans Majesty - Hiphop

As mentioned above, BNU Swans have 3 competitive teams. Our "Main" Cheer team which comprises of a 2 minute 30 seconds routine filled with stunts, jumps, dance, and tumbles. The Pom team which focuses on high energy, clean formations, and sharp movements, all while using pompoms. Our third competitive team is the newest addition to the Swans family, replacing Jazz is our Hiphop team, which had a lot of interests.


Training sessions:

Thursday:   Swans Supremacy - 08:00 pm  – 10:00 pm (Events Hall)

Saturday:    Swans Serenity - 10:30 - 11:30 pm (Dance Studio)

                     Swans Majesty - 12:30 - 01:30 pm (Dance Studio)

Sunday:      Swans Supremacy – 01:30 pm  – 03:30 pm (Events Hall)

There is not a lot of things we ask for but if you truly want to join the club, we want full dedication, the right attitude to training, and the drive to learn new things albeit difficult. It may not be easy from the start but it will be satisfying!


And finally, GO SWANS!


Captain/Chairperson | Raffy Pantaleon |

Co-Captain | Renee Reynolds |

Secretary | Amy Jordan |

Treasurer | Treasurer | Mya Brown |

Social Secretary | Francesca Rogers |