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Bucks Ladies FC are currently the only female football club at the university and compete within the British University College Sports (BUCS) Leagues and regional cup. Amongst previously winning the regional cup, Bucks Ladies FC are always open to developing the squad. Taking a forward looking approach when thinking about how to build upon previous seasons and strive for promotion. Playing and training together takes commitment and dedication. However, one huge factor of being a Bucks Ladies FC member comes from the bond within the team off the pitch. This is achieved through our team time during more sociable activities.

A normal week as a Bucks Ladies FC member includes at least one training session, a competitive fixture and a social event. Last year the team took part in plenty of volunteering and fundraising, from playing volleyball dressed as flamingos to hosting our own takeover of the venue. A large part of what this club does is giving back to those who support us and this doesn’t go unrecognised, many of the members past and present have been nominated and or received an award at the Annual Athletic Union Awards ceremony.
As long as you are committed and passionate about the club, opportunities to develop and excel in not just personal skills and football but also employability will be given, as well as recognition for taking them on.

To find out more about the club and the current members, feel free to get in contact with the committee or check out the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

If you do not wish to compete for the University there is still a chance to get involved in football through a variety of other methods including recreational sessions. If you would like to get more information on this please contact any of the committee below, or the Sports Coordinator (Competitive) directly through their email;



Chair: Hayley Cruickshanks

Mobile: 07792252735


Facebook: Hayley Cruickshanks                              Twitter:                        Insta: haycruickshanks


Captain: Alixandra Todd

Mobile: 07488930993


Facebook: Alix Todd                               Twitter: @AlixTodd                         Insta: alixtodd19


Secretary: Jodie Green

Mobile: 07807759191


Facebook: Jodie Green       Twitter: greenjodie69             Insta: jodiegreen_xo


Treasurer: Chelsea Berry 

Mobile: 07584633625


Facebook: Chelsea Berry            Twitter: n/a                                     Insta: chelseamayall


Social Secretary: Amy Robinson

Mobile: 07722128075


Facebook: Amy Robinson                         Twitter: n/a            Insta: Amyrobinson.x


Social media

Instagram: bnuladies








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