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Hockey (Men's)

Welcome to Buckinghamshire New University’s Men’s Hockey team. Here at the University, we work as a community to ensure we get the best out of our time studying as possible, which is something we as a team strive to do. We are always willing to offer support, whether it is during training, matches or your studies to make sure that you are doing the best you can. We are trying to gather links with Wycombe Hockey Club so that more training sessions are available, with possible match day opportunities on Saturdays.4

As a club, we have been working for the last few years to improve our club and our membership, and last we year we achieved our highest intake of freshers ever, and this year we plan on building on last year’s success.  This year we will be playing in the Men's South Eastern League Tier 5 and competing in the Men's South Eastern Conference Cup


As a club, we train on Monday nights at High Wycombe high school. As in conjunction with BUCS (British University and College sports), we play our games usually on a Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesday’s, game, or no game we meet in the evening for a social which involves every member of the club, player or non-player, this is a vital part of our club and helps with our team cohesion.  We are an inclusive club, and we accept all playing levels, from never ‘picked up a stick’ to played all their life.