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Hockey (Men's)

Welcome to Buckinghamshire New University’s Men’s Hockey team. Here at the University we work as a community to ensure we get the best out of our time studying as possible, which is something we as a team strive to do. We are always willing to offer support, whether it is during training, matches or your studies to make sure that you are doing the best you can. We are trying to gather links with Wycombe Hockey Club so that more training sessions are available, with match day opportunities on Saturdays.




Training with the University team takes place on Monday evenings, with matches played during Wednesday afternoons. Once the matches are over we meet in the evenings as a team, along with the girls team, for social nights with different themes planned for the weeks. 



Chair - Callum Skinner-

Captain - Conor Taylor Brown-

Vice Captain - Alex Granville-

Social and Welfare Secretary - Tom Featherstone -

Secretary - Jon Fenwick-

Treasurer - James Wills-

Social media

Instagram – Bucks_Hockey
Facebook – Buckinghamshire New University Men’s Hockey 17/18
Twitter - @BNUHockey